The PM Fee Machine Training Program

You CAN successfully increase your PM Fees with NEW and CURRENT owners- we can teach you how!

Access the MOST COMPREHENSIVE training available to take your Property Management Fees to a new level with your NEW and CURRENT clients.

Know what to do, what tools to send, what letter to use, what to say when they call you and what issues to NAVIGATE in this detailed STEP-by-STEP training course that gives you EVERYTHING (and we mean EVERYTHING) you need to know, to GROW your PM fee income per door/property.

We’ve been doing this now for over 20 years with HUNDREDS of PM Companies over Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, having increased fees with literally hundreds of thousands of property owners.

Now it’s your turn, and we will show you everything you need to know to also have a successful PM Fee Increase campaign, so you can add and increase fees and never have to go back to old fees again.

  • Get consistent quality fees across all your portfolio.
  • Increase and streamline fees from previously purchased rent rolls
  • Confidently know how to increase fees in your market (despite competition pressure to discount)

WHAT YOU GET in the ‘PM Fee Machine’ Online Training

Get our full coaching support plus comprehensive step-by-step resources (over 10 hours of video training, scripts, downloadable notes plus all the tools for success)

Part 1- Get BETTER Fees Successfully with CURRENT Clients

  • Getting Better Fees- The NEW Fee Mindset Required
  • Fear and Peace of Mind
  • Why Your Clients Will Not Leave
  • ​The FIVE Client Types NOT to Increase Fees with
  • ​The TOP FIVE Stats to Monitor Each Month
  • ​How to Categorise Your Owners into THREE GROUPS
  • ​What FEES to Increase- Right Strategy
  • ​TOOLS and What to Send
  • ​The Timing of Your Campaign
  • ​Dealing with Client Resistance and Objections
  • ​The IMPORTANCE of Phone Follow Up
  • ​Tips for your FULL Fee Increase SUCCESS!
  • ​Property Losses- What to Expect

Part 2- Get BETTER Fees RIGHT AWAY with NEW Clients

  • Getting a Better Fee Mindset
  • Building Exceptional Trust- TEN Ways!
  • Becoming the ‘Go-to’ PM Expert
  • ​Scripts to Overcome Fee Discount Requests
  • ​Getting Your Promotional Material Right
  • ​Creating an Impressive Listing Kit
  • ​Using Stats to Impress
  • ​Standout with Points of Difference
  • ​Ten Points of Difference and Influence that Impress (ADDED training bonus)

Part 3- BEAT EVERY Fee Objection with our Fees and Scripts Library and Resources

  • How to Charge the All-Inclusive Management Fee (plus tools and fee package templates)
  • Dealing with Multi-Property Owner Fee Discount Requests
  • Overcoming TEN Common Fee Objections- Strategies, Tactics, and Methods
  • ​Scripts to Individual Fee Discount Requests (Lease Renewal Fees, Routine Inspection Fees, etc)
  • ​NINE Overcoming Scripts for ‘But the OTHER AGENT is cheaper’
  • ​33 Owner Fees Charges Across Australia, New Zealand, and the USA

Part 4- Know what works (and what doesn’t) with The Eleven Fee Laws of SUCCESS (and Principles)

  • The LAW of Cost for Service
  • The LAW of Price Focus
  • The LAW of the Main Game
  • ​The LAW of Profit Acceleration
  • ​The LAW of the Fee Lid
  • ​The LAW of the Increased Fee
  • ​The LAW of the Alternative Cost
  • ​The LAW of ‘the Norm’
  • ​The LAW of Familiarity
  • ​The LAW of ‘No Change’
  • ​The LAW of Preference for Service

PART 5- Focus on Business Health, Quality and Profit by Avoiding Bad Business and C-Class Owners

  • Three Reasons C-Class Owners are ‘Money-Tight’
  • The Seven Criteria of a C-Class Owner
  • How Much Does a C-Class Owner Cost Your Business?
  • ​Avoiding Bad Business- the TEN Reasons to Say ‘NO’ to NEW Business
  • ​Downloadable tool- The New Business- Eight Criteria Benchmarks (to say YES to new business, and when to say no)

PART 6- Win the Business without DISCOUNTING with TEN Points of Difference and Influence that Work!

  • Using Proof Statements to Impress
  • Finding their Need and Pain Points
  • Using Educational Videos to Build Trust
  • Using Handbooks as an Edge
  • Being the Expert with your Marketplace Knowledge
  • ​Rent the Property Fast with your Marketing Network
  • ​Get the Business with your Fast Leasing Technology
  • ​Giving a Choice of Fee Packages
  • ​Using a Pre-Listing Email for First Position
  • ​Sending an SMS Video Text…the ‘Unfair Advantage’!

What others have said (plus case studies...)

Kerry increased her fee income per property by 25%

Rachael increased fees on a purchased rent roll (NSW)

Would you like to pay on RESULTS and PERFORMANCE instead?

Would you like to discuss a package with us where we work with you and your team over an extended period, and get paid on results and performance only?.

Conditions apply, and is subject to your business size and ability for growth results, your location, etc.

What others said about adding and increasing their PM Fees...

“…after a fabulous days training with Darren on understanding and knowing our worth .. our fees were increased way beyond our local competitors and we are still winning the business. People are willing to pay extra if they understand the value of the service your providing is worth it!”

Martina Berry
Principal - Professionals Rockingham
Western Australia, Australia

“We implemented a successful fee maximisation campaign using Darren’s strategies, and in all about 700- 800 landlords had fee increases. The campaign was very successful, and we lost only a very small handful of clients. We found the process to be well worth it, and financially very rewarding.”

Howard Morley
Principal - Auckland Property Management
Auckland, New Zealand

“After Darren’s fee maximization training here in my office in Florida, my team haven’t stopped getting better and more profitable ancillary fees since. I have been amazed at what fees we have been able to successfully charge with clients, other than my base management fee. This was a very profitable and worthwhile training session indeed!”

Todd Breen
Broker - Home Property Management and Sales
West Palm Beach, Florida USA
Tennille Mugridge (Central Coast NSW) became the most expensive agency in her marketplace– it made NO DIFFERENCE to her growth success (Central Coast NSW).
Rob Edwards refused to believe (Perth WA) he could do better with PM Fees…UNTIL he bought a competitors portfolio (Perth WA).
Andrew Hodge increased their fee income by 33% per property (Adelaide SA).
Shawn and Kristin Johnson from New Mexico (USA) knew they were better than every other agency in town…but their fees didn’t show that! Here’s their journey on how they changed all this and STILL they’re the force in town.
Kevin Hodges (Adelaide SA). Kevin Hodges is not a cheap agent, and yet he still successfully increased and added some property management fees to his rental property portfolio in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.
Luke Eddinger from Connecticut (USA) increased their fee income up to 40% per property.
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